Are you ready to make your dream of working with animals come true? Working in a veterinary clinic or hospital is a great place to get hands-on experience, and with VetPrise it’s possible. To increase your chances of getting veterinarian relief jobs, we have prepared some keys for you to get it, see them below!

Find an Opportunity

Small animal clinics require more extensive support staff because they generally see patients on a daily or overnight basis. These veterinarians typically have a veterinary clinical assistant accompanying them.

Draw your attention

Prepare a resume with references. Also, consider writing a short cover letter. Never use the “to whom it may concern” greeting. Make sure to tailor the resume and letter to the specific clinic you are sending the information to. You must highlight your relevant experience working with animals. It includes any experience with animals, such as caring for pets, walking dogs, volunteering for an animal shelter, bathing pets, etc. If you have certifications or degrees related to the animal industry, you should make sure to highlight that. If you are a person interested in continuing training in the future, it would also be very helpful to comment on the application. Veterinarians tend to go out of their way to help the next generation succeed in business.


You can register on our VetPrise register page. Vet Prise is an interactive database between companies/veterinarians who recruit in the field of veterinary medicine and job seekers.


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Possibilities at the VetPrise stand during the show:

– Explore new career possibilities

– Talk to recently graduated veterinarians or with experience in the same unit of time and place

At the interview

Arrive on time and well-groomed. Being late for the first interview will make the vet wonder if you will be an employee with habitual delays. Remember, first impressions really count. Also, consider your clothing options for the interview. You don’t have to wear a suit, but wearing flip flops and ripped jeans won’t make you look very favorable.


It’s so much easier to get your foot in the door when you apply for a paid job opportunity. A good strategy is to offer a short trial work period before the clinic decides whether to permanently hire you as an employee, so you can prove yourself.


Always think positively and with an active attitude, it is the best tool to be able to advance as a professional. Even if you initially start doing activities or doing less important work, always offer your predisposition to carry out more activities or work within the veterinary center. Once you demonstrate your capabilities, you will have the opportunity to move up and help the vet with exams, treatments, X-rays, and other more important issues.

After the interview

Say thanks. Take the time to send a thank-you note immediately after your interview, whether you receive the job offer or not. A clinic that might not have a place for you now can keep your resume and call you later. Employers tend to remind candidates that they are educated and have this detail, as most applicants do not. Keep reading our Relief Veterinarian Blog.

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