1. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

    The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is a multi-faceted Agency with a broad mission area that includes protecting and promoting U.S. agricultural health, regulating genetically engineered organisms, administering the Animal Welfare Act and carrying out wildlife damage management activities. These efforts support the overall mission of USDA, which is to protect and promote food, agriculture, natural resources and related issues. To protect agricultural health, APHIS is on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week working to defend America's animal and plant resources from agricultural pests and diseases. For example, if the Mediterranean fruit fly and Asian longhorned beetle, two major agricultural pests, were left unchecked, they would result in several billions of dollars in production and marketing losses annually. Similarly, if foot-and-mouth disease or highly pathogenic avian influenza were to become established in the United States, foreign trading partners could invoke trade restrictions and producers would suffer devastating losses.

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    The primary purpose of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association shall be the advancement of the science and art of veterinary medicine; the conservation and protection of animal health, including its relationship to public health and in general, the betterment of the veterinary profession. In connection with this last object, by fostering continuing education programs,this Association may give opportunities to it's members for the interchange of knowledge and the improvement of their skills.

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  3. AVMA

    Who We Are The AVMA is a not-for-profit association representing more than ​91,000 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government, industry, academia, and uniformed services. The AVMA acts as a collective voice for its membership and for the profession. Governance AVMA members are represented by elected or appointed volunteer leaders serving in a wide range of positions. Have questions about the AVMA’s governance structure or strategic planning process? You’re in the right place. AVMA Careers Looking to find a career opportunity at the AVMA? Find out more here. AVMF The American Veterinary Medical Foundation, the AVMA's charitable arm, is the national foundation for veterinary medicine and animal health. Its mission: "to develop resources to advance the science and practice of veterinary medicine to improve animal and human health." Student AVMA (SAVMA) The Student American Veterinary Medical Association gives a national voice to more than 16,000 veterinary student members from over 36 schools of veterinary medicine, both within the U.S. and across the globe. Allied Organizations The AVMA’s allied organizations are represented in the AVMA House of Delegates and provide representation for members of specialty groups (constituent organizations) and state veterinary medical associations (principal organizations). AVMA Store (Products) View and purchase client education brochures, veterinary practice resources, market research reports, and classroom/children’s materials. Many items can be downloaded for free; others require

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  4. CVMA

    Organized veterinary medicine in California began on January 11, 1888 at a meeting held by a small group of veterinary practitioners in San Francisco. They formed the California State Veterinary Medical Association, the 14th state association in the nation. From this small beginning, CVMA grew to its present status as one of the largest veterinary medical associations in the nation and assumed its leadership position through ambitious, innovative programs. As of 2018, the CVMA has over 7,400 members. The CVMA is a vocal advocate for California veterinary professionals , and for the health and welfare of animals. The CVMA is the voice of the veterinary profession in California.

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Alabama Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 803
Fayetteville, TN, 37334
Phone: 334-603-6227
Fax: 931-433-6289

Alaska State Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 1231
Bismarck, ND, 58502
Phone: 701-221-7740
Fax: 701-751-4451

Arizona Veterinary Medical Association

100 W. Coolidge Street
Phoenix, AZ, 85013
Phone: 602-242-7936
Fax: 602-249-3828

Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 17687
Little Rock, AR, 72222-7687
Phone: 501-868-3036
Fax: 501-868-3034

California Veterinary Medical Association

1400 River Park Drive, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA, 95815-4505
Phone: 800-655-2862, ext. 34
Fax: 916-646-9156

Colorado Veterinary Medical Association

191 Yuma Street
Denver, CO, 80223
Phone: 303-318-0447
Fax: 303-318-0450

Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 107
Glastonbury, CT, 06033
Phone: 860-635-7770
Fax: 860-659-8772

Delaware Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 9997
Newark, DE, 19714
Phone: 302-455-VETS (8387)

Florida Veterinary Medical Association

7207 Monetary Drive
Orlando, FL, 32809-5724
Phone: 407-851-3862
Fax: 407-240-3710

Georgia Veterinary Medical Association

2200 Century Parkway, Suite 725
Atlanta, GA, 30345
Phone: 678-309-9800
Fax: 678-309-3361

Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 61309
Honolulu, HI, 96839-1309
Phone: 808-733-8828
Fax: 808-733-8829

Idaho Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 241
Timnath, CO, 80547
Phone: 800-272-1813

Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association

1121 Chatham Road
Springfield, IL, 62704
Phone: 217-546-8381
Fax: 217-546-5633

Indiana Veterinary Medical Association

1202 E. 38th Street, Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN, 46205
Phone: 317-974-0888
Fax: 317-974-0985

Iowa Veterinary Medical Association

1605 N. Ankeny Boulevard, Suite 110
Ankeny, IA, 50023
Phone: 515-965-9237
Fax: 515-965-9239

Kansas Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 77
Lyndon, KS, 66451
Phone: 785-221-0312
Fax: 785-233-2534

Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association

108 Consumer Lane
Frankfort, KY 40601
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 4067
Frankfort, KY, 40604-4067
Phone: 502-226-KVMA (5862)
Fax: 502-226-6177

Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association

8550 United Plaza Boulevard, Suite 1001
Baton Rouge, LA, 70809
Phone: 225-928-5862
Fax: 225-408-4622

Maine Veterinary Medical Association

97A Exchange Street, Suite 305
Portland, ME, 04101
Phone: 800-448-2772
Fax: 800-448-2772

Maryland Veterinary Medical Association

8574 Paxton Street
Hummelstown, PA 17036
Phone: (717) 220-1437

Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association

163 Lakeside Avenue
Marlborough, MA, 01752-4554
Phone: 508-460-9333
Fax: 508-460-9969

Michigan Veterinary Medical Association

2144 Commons Parkway
Okemos, MI, 48864-3986
Phone: 517-347-4710
Fax: 517-347-4666

Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association

101 Bridgepoint Way, Suite 100
South Saint Paul, MN, 55075
Phone: 651-645-7533
Fax: 651-645-7539

Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 395
Clinton, MS, 39060
Phone: 662-323-5057

Missouri Veterinary Medical Association

2500 Country Club Drive
Jefferson City, MO, 65109
Phone: 573-636-8612
Fax: 573-659-7175

Montana Veterinary Medical Association

7 West 6th Avenue, Suite 4M
Helena, MT 59601
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 6322
Helena, MT, 59604
Phone: 406-447-4259
Fax: 409-442-8018

Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 77
Lyndon, KS, 66451
Phone: 402-741-2337
Fax: 402-395-5025

Nevada Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 34420
Reno, NV, 89533
Phone: 775-324-5344
Fax: 775-747-9170

New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 247
Amherst, NH, 03031
Phone: 603-479-9182
Fax: 603-774-8022

New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association

750 US Highway 202 South, Suite 200
Bridgewater, NJ, 08807
Phone: 908-281-0918
Fax: 908-450-1286

New Mexico Veterinary Medical Association

60 Placitas Trails Road
Placitas, NM, 87043
Phone: 505-867-6373
Fax: 505-771-8963

New York State Veterinary Medical Society

300 Great Oaks Boulevard, Suite 314
Albany, NY, 12203
Phone: 518-869-7867
Fax: 518-869-7868

North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association

1611 Jones Franklin Road #108
Raleigh, NC, 27606
Phone: 919-851-5850
Fax: 919-851-5859

North Dakota Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 1231
Bismarck, ND, 58502
Phone: 701-221-7740
Fax: 701-751-4451

Ohio Veterinary Medical Association

1472 Manning Parkway
Powell, OH, 43065
Phone: 614-436-1300
Fax: 614-436-1301

Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association

13917 Quail Pointe Drive
Oklahoma City, OK, 73134
Phone: 405-478-1002
Fax: 405-478-7193

Oregon Veterinary Medical Association

1880 Lancaster Drive, NE, Suite 118
Salem, OR, 97305
Phone: 503-399-0311
Fax: 503-363-4218

Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association

8574 Paxton Street
Hummelstown, PA 17036
Phone: 717.220.1437 x100
Fax: 717-220-1461

Puerto Rico Veterinary Medical Association

352 Ave San Claudio, Suite 248
San Juan, PR, 00926-4107
Phone: 787-283-0565
Fax: 787-761-3440

Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association

302 Pearl Street, #108
Providence, RI, 02907
Phone: 401-751-0944
Fax: 401-780-0940

South Carolina Association of Veterinarians

1215 Anthony Avenue
Columbia, SC 29201
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 11766
Columbia, SC, 29211
Phone: 803-254-1027
Fax: 803-254-3773

South Dakota Veterinary Medical Association

Midwest Solutions
P.O. Box 244
Pierre, SD, 57501
Phone: 605-280-5714
Fax: 605-945-4265

Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 803
Fayetteville, TN, 37334
Phone: 931-438-0070
Fax: 931-433-6289

Texas Veterinary Medical Association

8104 Exchange Drive
Austin, TX, 78754
Phone: 512-452-4224
Fax: 512-452-6633

Utah Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 1041
Springville, UT, 84663
Phone: 801-377-2890
Fax: 801-377-2893

Vermont Veterinary Medical Association

88 Beech Street
Essex Junction, VT, 05452
Phone: 802-878-6888
Fax: 802-878-2871

Virginia Veterinary Medical Association

3801 Westerre Parkway, Suite D
Henrico, VA, 23233
Phone: 804-346-2611
Fax: 804-346-2655

Washington State Veterinary Medical Association

8024 Bracken Place SE
Snoqualmie, WA, 98065
Phone: 425-396-3191
Fax: 425-396-3192

West Virginia Veterinary Medical Association

3801 Westerre Parkway, Suite D
Henrico, VA, 23233
Phone: 804-346-0170
Fax: 804-346-2655

Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association

4610 S. Biltmore Lane, Suite 107
Madison, WI, 53718
Phone: 608-257-3665
Fax: 608-257-8989

Wyoming Veterinary Medical Association

P.O. Box 241
Timnath, CO, 80547
Phone: 800-272-1813