In last decade there have been many medicinal breakthroughs in veterinary medicine. Research and development teams of veterinarians have been working hard to develop surgeries and latest advancements in therapies.  Recent advances suggest availability of minimally invasive procedures and treatments, advanced and effective diagnostic tools, improved cancer treatments and several behavioral wellness techniques for pets.


Listed below are few major breakthroughs in veterinary sciences.

Laser Therapy: It is used for pain relief, to treat ear infections, arthritis, wound healing, hot spots and other common conditions.


Stem Cell Therapy: The purpose of this therapy is to stimulate and activate dormant stem cells ensuring, maximum uptake resulting in best possible outcomes.


Laparoscopy: The goal of this procedure is conduct better diagnose, it involves making a small cut followed by inserting a small camera.


Acupuncture for Animals: Acupuncture helps to treat ailments ranging from hip dysplasia to chronic degenerative joint disease.


MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI),is now being used veterinary medicine discipline as well. The imagery technology shows more resilient, detailed images than other similar technology.


Radiation Therapy for Pets: In the fight against cancer, vets now have a range of procedures and treatments. Alone or in conjunction with surgery and chemotherapy; radiation therapy is useful for its ability to specifically target tumors. Radiation makes cancer cells unable to reproduce.


Prosthetics: The concept of prosthetics, or artificial limbs, helps to give pet(s) that have lost a limb meaningful and active life. Although, walking on three legs may seem easy, it can actually be very difficult but it can be made easier with the use of prosthetic.


Fracture Detection: Currently under development this technology will help to detect micro-cracks in bones at a much earlier stage, leading to treatment being conduct sooner. This technology works by recording acoustics similar to the ones used to measure earthquakes.


Palladia: This drug represents a breakthrough in veterinary medicine. It is used to treat mass cell tumors. It works by blocking the activity of key receptors important in the development of blood vessels that supply tumors, as well as receptors vital for tumor survival.


Ketoprofen: This drug is used for quicker treatment of pain, fever, and inflammation. It can be injected after birth as a prophylactic against farrowing fever and MMA complex disease.

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